Tuesday, January 7, 2014

tag tuesday

our first tag tuesday is coming i have 2 little guys that were gone for a week and every time they wake up they want to be held.....

i have been trying to decide on today's tag and i have all kinds of ideas floating in my head...but i also want to use up some stuff sitting around....so now i have a couple of tags going.....
this first one is the one i want to finish for you today.
at first i just wasn't sure although i love the cute show girl there is no real inspirational saying to go with her. but as i looked at it with the banner i thought about celebrating the new year and winter....a time to reflect, remember, rest and have courage to try again tomorrow. so i am going to find a way to take the tag background i made the snow girl image, some ribbon and a saying from this set together or miracles happen everyday saying and finish this tag for you....what do you have lying around? 
how about a free image download of the banner snow girl when i come back?
free printable just click on image and right click to save to your computer and then print. i have put 4 on the 8.5x11.
the background is an old line from teresa collins then i added blue water color and some smooch all over.  (the smooch is just on the top half.) watercolored the banner snow girl. i stamped the saying and cut it apart to add around the girl, added ribbon and may still ad glitter. 

hint i punch or cut little notches on each to help hold the ribbon.

the saying was just perfect for a new year,  
Who knows where this path will take us but let's go forth hand in hand & promise not to let go because it may lead us somewhere vast & amazing.


  1. beautiful!! such thoughtful wording :) and a lovely image!! thanks Jeanie :) xx

  2. I love this Jeanie!! Thank You---this sentiment is awesome!!

    1. thank you so much for coming by....=0)