Monday, January 14, 2013

art journal class

from THIS 

take it apart 

and create this art journal

in class we will take 4 books apart and create 4 different art journals .......

we will have a private blog classroom, private facebook page. There will be how to videos and pictures. 1 year access. each week for 4 weeks we will make a journal, decorate the outside and create some art journal pages....all for $30.00 on special for a limited time $25.00  come cre8 with me. 

coming soon will be the art journal kits....
kit 1.$35.00 (includes shipping) will be everything but the books mixed media kits with scrapbook paper, hot pressed and cold pressed water color paper, vintage papers, mica powders, binder mechanisms, rings, eyelets, ribbon, and misc items like charms to hang on one album and metal word and saying and leather piece for the others and etc......

kit 2. $16.00 (includes shipping) will just have the hardware the binder mechanism, rings, eyelets with ribbon, and hot and cold pressed water color paper for then use from your stash for the rest.

kit 3. is just an add on of the second hand book covers enough to complete all 4 books. 
$15.00 includes shipping (you can find these at thrift shops and garage sales and i will have a video in class to show you how to take them apart.) 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

cre8 with Jeanie

painting on leather is the first of the classes to launch....on January 15th

here is some info pictures coming soon.....

purchase class HERE
class officially starts January 15th
things we will discuss and i will demo in class:
different leathers, staining, painting, fasteners, using leather as a decoration on a canvas or journal cover, using the flowers and swirls on a canvas.....adding words...
* side tracked moment: do you have a quote or one little word you would like to
highlight this year? great way to personlize our projects
leather cuffs
4x4 canvas
canvas with painted leather accent
you will receive:
digital download of patterns and how to's.
and video instruction (still in filming stage) hope voice comes back sooner then later)

*leather (pictures of the different kinds coming)
*4x4 canvas
*another canvas or piece of wood approximately 3x9 or 4x12
(we will paint background and add painted leather)
*starred items in my kit in my etsy store along with some ribbons etc.
acrylic paint your favorite colors
paint brushes--#2 or 3 rnd, a 1/2 flat
fine sharpie marker (although i will talk of others and show in video)
mod podge ( i like matte and gloss--your preference)
fabrecastel markers for shading.....(you may want to wait and see before deciding what ones to buy)(if you already have copic they may work)