Friday, June 7, 2013


dreaming a dream does not make it happen....getting out of your comfort zone and working for it might just make the dream come true. I have decided to get brave and out of my comfort zone and work on my dreams. no more letting life run over my dreams i am letting my dreams run all over my life instead.

exciting things are happening...(one of them has to wait just a bit to be reveled)

so first of all i took fabric design with Carina Gardner and created a nursery line--just a couple of changes to make then i will upload to  and decorate Luke and Evan's nursery with

second i get to add this badge to my blog 

Susan has been so kind a person to me and when she announced a guest designer call i finally ordered some of her stamps from Unity and got to work (ideas posted in previous post)....then i got brave and actually sent pictures of the ideas to her! the announce is on her blog mysweetearth

and now i am working hard to build my portfolio and am taking the class make art that sells at

why all the doing? because dreaming a dream does not make it happen but working hard towards a dream can make it a reality. 

"if you want something you've never had you've got to do something you've never done..."

one more announcement coming soon....

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  1. Dreams are ephemeral until we build on them Jeanie. So go, go, go! Loved your post for my Sweet Earth!