Monday, July 2, 2012

good times

My weekend was spent in 2 -5 hour classes with Donna Downey.....and i finally got to meet one of my fellow digital students (Pamela) in real life. thank you for the picture Pamela.
              both are wonderful people.
Donna was down to earth, honest and open....the message i got from her was i am here to explain techniques to you ....You can jump in head first and layer, play and create with the techniques when you go home....she wanted to help us create a book of technique references in the first class and the second class she wanted to give us places to begin to create......I loved it.....on the way home (and yes the bottom fell off the car again) i thought of the journal we started and the things i learned about me (my creation processes) and all the beginnings Donna helped us start....THANKS
when i think of all she shared and does share (on her blog and life) and her full speed a head life
i hope she Knows she is an amazing person.
FYI Donna does inspiration Wednesday (free little video of her creating) and collage mondays blog link here

technique tip: I just got the best brown packing paper in a box and i can not wait to wrinkle it up and glue it on to paper/canvas for background texture....

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  1. I found a few new 'old' things around here that I cant wait to "wrinkle up"....

    sorry about the car......